For many years, the Punk community has been unfairly represented by government-loving Leftists whose ideology runs contrary to the spirit of the music and culture. Punk is about D.I.Y and self determination - ideas that Democrats, Republicans and other Statists do not share.

Punk Rock Libertarians was created as a response to this travesty.

Starting as a Facebook group in 2010, Punk Rock Libertarians grew into a Facebook page with over 140,000 followers. The podcast was started not soon after, and has been consistently putting out weekly episodes since. During the Great Purge of 2018, the original Facebook page was banned, but a new one was formed in its place and has been growing since.

We believe that the invdividual should be free to do whatever they want until it interferes with another individual's freedom. We are against the wars, victimless "crimes" and the Federal Reserve. We are for non-aggression, free speech, and peaceful cooperation.

Our goal is to spread this message of liberty through the page and podcast as well as support artists who share our ideals.

Live Free or Die!

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